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How does posting articles on your website and making some money by doing so sound? If you have a website following the criteria below and are happy to accept guest posts or niche edits, submit your site and start earning money with Big Fat Links.

It’s simple, our in house team of content writers write a high quality article, we include a clients link within the article, and you post it and get paid – simple and beneficial!

WARNINGWe only accept submissions from website owners. Your application will be rejected if you do not own the site you are submitting. All submissions will be required to verify domain ownership.

Your site must have the following...

  • At least 200 visitors per month. This will be checked via Ahrefs.
  • Your site cannot have any black hat SEO affiliation.
  • No google penalties on your site (currently or in the past)
  • Good metrics. DA, DR, TF, CF, Traffic, Spam Score etc.
  • No articles marked with ‘sponsored’ or 'guest post' etc.

We need website owners who are...

  • Easy to work and communicate with.
  • Responsive. We want to be able to have our clients articles live within a short timeframe so it is crucial you can respond to our enquiries and upload within a reasonable timeframe.
  • If you would supply us with author access logins, this removes the work you would have to do with uploading the articles – better for both of us!