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How to be a Guest Blogger on Music Sites

As you are probably already aware, there are a lot of huge companies thriving in the music industry. With this in mind, how do you possibly stand out and rank on the SERPs for any keywords remotely related to music? Especially in such a competitive and somewhat saturated market?

Well, fortunately, we have a few ideas (as we always do). More specifically, one particular method of standing out and ranking high on google. This being the perk of submitting guest posts to willing website owners for them to upload to their blogs. This helps to create a solid backlink profile to improve the value of your site in search engines.

Although you could go ahead and do this yourself, it’s hard work and time-consuming finding websites with a good domain authority that accept content. We can help ease the pain, as we have a directory of over 100 music and entertainment blogs that accept guest posts. We can help you submit an article to many of these music blogs.

Submitting Content to Music Blogs

90% of the time, it’s not just a case of submitting articles to blogs and them getting accepted immediately. It’s usually a long, drawn-out process of building relationships through back and forth emails and conversation. Thankfully, we’ve done all the stressful business for you. We have established good solid working relationships with these music blogs, allowing us to submit and add guest post content.

Now, of course, it’s not as simple as submitting a link to a post and getting a high-quality backlink. There is still some technical stuff that needs to be done to fully-optimise the post for SEO purposes. This is a process our content writers are able to do quickly and to a high standard. A link with high-quality content, on a high DA page, is more valuable than a link contained in a basic and poorly written post.