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  • Recruitment consultant with a passion for the field of HR
  • Looking to boost his blog content with guest posters
  • Willing to accept finance guest posts as well as careers

Career Zine
  • Posts regularly about business, finance and careers
  • Particularly interested in posts about personal finance and handling debt
  • At least one article per month

Career Renegade
  • Career advice expert with decades of experience
  • Posts at least twice per month
  • Also accepts posts related to finance, industry news, investment and stock trading
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Addicted 2 Success

DA 60+
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DA 20+
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Classy Career Girl

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Become a Writer on a Career Site

Careers and your career path is a key part of anyone’s lifestyle. It’s so important to pick the right path and give it your all, progressing and thriving in an industry you love. People’s drive for a meaningful career has led to plenty of online resources about how to get the job of your dreams.

These career resources and blogs get a lot of traffic. They get a lot of links and shares because of the value of their content. Placing a link on a career blog can provide valuable link juice to your site. It can help increase clicks to your site and your own domain authority.

It can take valuable time and resources to find a career blog with a ‘write for us’ or ‘guest column’ link. These time and resources you can better spend elsewhere.

We have relationships and connections with over 100 career blogs now accepting guest posts. This allows us to add content and submit articles quickly and easily.

Getting Accepted for Guest Posts

It’s never been easier to get your link on a high DA site in a specific niche. With our directory, there’s no need to spend hours searching for career blog guest blogging spots. We’ve rounded them all up for you and can get contributions posted within days.

With a team of highly skilled writers, we can also provide high quality and keyword rich content. This can improve the perception and value of your link when examined by search engine crawlers. A link placed within valuable content holds more worth than a link within basic and poorly written copy.

Our talented writers can write a guest post about careers, construct valuable career advice blogs and can blog about jobs quickly and efficiently, providing posts to submit your content.