A Guide to Outreach

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Getting the most out of our Guide to Outreach

Outreach in 2018 isn’t like it was ten years ago. As search engines get smarter, digital marketers need to up their game too. This guide to guest posting is going to get you started, giving you the tools to improve your link building.

In this guide, you’ll learn about guest posting, how it can help you, how to do it.

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Introduction to Guest Posting

Guest posting goes by many different names out there on the internet.

Guest Posting can also be referred to as Outreach.

Link building, adding content, become an author, blogger outreach… the back bone of the process is spreading unique, useful and interesting content using Outreach.

There are many actions that can be taken to help boost your ranking in the search engine result pages through Outreach

The best things you can do is build a strong backlink profile using a network of blogs, content publishing websites.

Guest posting or becoming a contributing writer is still one of the best ways to promote yourself, your business, your service, and your website. It can be hard work, but the benefits it reaps are bountiful.

Benefits of Guest Posting

The benefits of guest posting are so numerous and blogger outreach should be a key part of your SEO and digital marketing strategy. Offering to become a contributor on the right blogs helps you connect with the movers and shakers in your industry.

Guest posting is a tasty way to drive genuine and valuable traffic to your own website.

Getting you connected not only with your target audience but with potential new recruits – which is exactly what you need!

Not only does it get eyes on your web pages, but it helps to convert and return content marketing ROI.

Want to build brand awareness? Attract subscribers? Build trust? Generate more leads? Guest blogging could be the strategy you need to achieve these goals.

Aside from the soft benefits of guest blogging, becoming an author on blogs and websites is one of the best ways to build a backlink profile and boost your optimisation for appearing in the SERPs. Building links from high-quality sites is a major factor when it comes to ranking.

What is a Guest Post?

It’s such a simple idea and even easier to execute – if you know what you’re doing.

You reach out to website owners, blogs owners and convince them to allow you to post content on their website. Then you get the credit and possibly even a link back to your own website! Success!

It’s a little more complicated than that, with algorithm changes and penalties being dished out for optimising the wrong way.

It pays to have an area of expertise, guest blogging is all about spreading that expertise to the people who need to read it while at the same time, convincing these people to take their inquisitive minds to your website as the next step.

Finding Blogs to Contribute to

So how do you go about finding all the blogs that are just begging for you to contribute an article?

The internet has thousands of blogs that claim to be your one way ticket to the top of search engines.

how do you decide which one/s you should donate your expertise in the form of a guest blog?

If you’re up to date with news within your industry, you’ll probably know who the movers and shakers are.

these are the type of people that you should be reaching out to in order to put your name and your own website in the eyes of exactly the people you want to read it.

If you’re starting small, look for influential blogs that have created their own standing within their – and your – niche. Make sure you take a good look at the site or blog you want to add content to

it’s quality over quantity so make sure you do due diligence on the authenticity of any blog you are considering becoming a contributing author to.

With regards to finding these blogs, you’re going to have to get smart with your search terms. Really think about the category you’ve got the most expertise in – this is your niche.

Make sure the content that you will submit is relevant to them and not only matches. but exceeds their current quality of content output.

To easily find blogs that will allow you to become an author, follow everything in this guide to guest posting to do just that.

Combing your niche with phrases that bloggers and writers use all the time, phrases such as ‘add content’, ‘become an author’, ‘contribute to my blog’ etc.

Searching for these is a sure fire way to bring up hundred of relevant blogs that can help you achieve your goal.

Writing an Outreach Email

First impressions count for a lot when you’re getting in touch with bloggers and site owners and trying to convince them to allow you to guest post on their website.

In our guide to guest blogging, one of the most important things you’ll learn is how to get the attention of those people who you want to notice your pitch.

Blog owners receive hundreds of emails every day (especially if they’re worth their salt!), how do you expect to stand out above the noise?

There are probably plenty of other authors wanting to contribute to these blogs, why should they accept yours?

You need to evaluate the content that you’re submitting, whats the unique selling point?

How does the tone of your content fit in with the blog’s other content?

Is your audience the same audience as the blog owner’s?

Or are you aiming to draw in a different audience?

These are all the questions you should be asking yourself and using to propose your content idea to the blog or site owner.

You need to offer something to the blog owner that falls in line with what they’re doing. Make it original, make it relevant and make sure the owner knows that.

DoFollow and NoFollow

Not all links are created equally.

It’s important that you establish with a blog owner whether the link that you will be sliding into your guest post will be DoFollow or NoFollow and that’s because not all links are equal.

When Google crawls web pages, it only counts DoFollow links that are pointing towards a site.

This means that Nofollow links do not count towards a page’s ranking and do nothing to boost the authority of a page or site.

Ranking used to be nearly exclusively based on the quantity of backlinks that pointed to a webpage – if you’re new to the SEO game, you’ll understand why this could very easily be manipulated.

A few algorithm updates later and now, it’s all about quality, not quantity and NoFollow links were introduced in order to sieve through the rubbish.

Choosing Your Anchor Text

Just to throw another spanner into the mix of staying on the good side of Google’s algorithm, your anchor text distribution plays a part in not getting penalised by any updates or crawls.

Search engines value genuine links that are gained authentically, and so a natural backlink profile is a definite necessity.

Highly optimised anchor text is great for SEO purposes – but manipulation of this can have dire consequences.

Think about how websites link out when they’re not being paid and are quoting a genuine source – the anchor text is often a straight and simple URL, or possibly a brand mention that links to a homepage.

Save your keyword anchor texts for the very best, authoritative sites and keep the majority of the links in your guest posts branded or as naked URLs.

Writing an Article

So, you’ve persuaded a blog owner that the content you can provide is worthy for their blog,

what now?

Now, you have to set about writing the killer article that you’re going to submit.

You know – the one that you sold as the sun and the stars and now you have to deliver? Don’t worry though! If you’re in this game, you’ve probably got a few avenues for outreach content writing.

If you’re just stepping into the kitchen though, there are a few things you should probably know.

For content to be valuable in the eyes of a search engine, it’s all about quality over quantity

too few words will be classed as light content and this will go against you in the algorithm.

Bit stuck on what Google wants to see, here is some content that frequently ranks in the SERPs.

  • List Posts
  • Infographics
  • Guides
  • Primary Research

Make sure there’s a killer headline that can pull people in

Why they should click on your guest post in the title?

use action words and make it SEO friendly.

Optimise the Outreach content itself to rank, the blog owner wants all blog posts to drive traffic to their site.